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Jaguar Land Rover

I rebuilt a core piece of functionality of the Jaguar Landrover e-learning system, based on new designs, and worked closely with other developers into integrate this with their existing bespoke .NET platform. The Ajax-centric UI (inc K​nockout) was fed by a controller API which I worked closely with the .NET developers to create

Contract development @ Virtual Forge.

Good Energy

I contributed to the development of Good Energy's new website - an Umbraco / .NET build with all HTML in Razor templates. All SCSS written in BEM format, HTML in Razor templates and all Javascript written in ​ES6​ modules with ​Browserify​ / ​Gulp​.

Contract development @ Dare West.

VUE Presentation Tool

Cutting edge ​CSS animation​ presentation tool. Built o​ffline-first​ and engineered on top of Impress. I then built a custom CMS for stakeholders to make changes to the slides.

Development @ Rosie Lee.

Rosie Lee

Using a forked version of lazyload (to better animate high quality imagery) I built the 2016 build of Rosie Lee's website.

Development @ Rosie Lee.

Break Fluid

Working closely with designer Antony Oram, I put together this eCommerce website and built a custom coffee subscription user journey.

Development @ Rosie Lee.

JD Air Max Day 2015

Using Angular, I built this microsite built which was housed within an iframe on jdsports.co.uk to promoting Air Max Day 2015.

Development @ Rosie Lee.

Amplify Change

Multi-lingual site built into an inline CMS with proprietary framework, Spirit.

Development @ Deep Blue Sky.

Headfirst Bristol

Using Mustache templates to render on both server and client, I built the core frontend of headfirstbristol.co.uk

Freelance development for Harry Wiles.

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